My Favourite Ride Down South

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My Favourite Ride Down South

Post by Gubble »

As you all know i pine for my beloved northern roads, the stunning scenery, the excellent roadside cafes and of course everybody's favourite Unmnarked Suburu Imprezza on the A65.

My current favourite route is:

Head out from Basingstoke on the A33 to Winchester - this is the dull bit - fairly striaght road for about 15 miles but gives you chance to get into your riding grove and make any last minute adjustments.

Winchester To Loomies - From Winchester take the A272 towards Petersfield - this road is simply stunning with some huge sweeping bends and nice scenery too. Beware of the camera van that sits sometimes in the 40 limit.

You then can stop at loomies to look at the other bikes and have a cuppa

From there take the A32 into Alton - another cracking road.

From Alton take the famous A339 to Basingstoke - easily one of the best roads in the area and has THINK BIKE signs everywhere (which gives you an idea that it's a bit of an accident hotspot).

Rowland & I did this route recently & i think he'll agree it's a great ride out. About 55 miles in total so about an hour's ride - perfect for that sunday morning wake up or post MotoGP blast.
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Re: My Favourite Ride Down South

Post by rf ro »

have to agree m8 cant wait for next wednesday
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Re: My Favourite Ride Down South

Post by varg1666 »

i have to agree with you on that run but we come from wickham up to the meon hut and then to petersfeild and back down the
a 3 to pompey
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Re: My Favourite Ride Down South

Post by yorkshirepuddin »

cant argue with either.
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Re: My Favourite Ride Down South

Post by cling on »

My favorite short ride local to me, Cheddar Gorge, burrington coombe and back through shipham for a hunter brekkie (2 of everything with fried potatoe and a mug of coffee for £5
This is south as well. ... =UTF8&z=12
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